Finding a Personal Injury Attorney

So, you’ve been injured. You believe another party is at fault, and that you are entitled to compensation. Now what? How do you find a personal injury attorney to fight for you and your situation?

First, ask around

Talk to people whose judgement you trust—friends and family members who may have been represented by a personal injury lawyer in the past, and had a good experience. Word of mouth from an honest person with your best interests at heart is worth its weight in gold.

Ask the internet, too

If no one has a referral to offer, you can always try some good old-fashioned internet sleuthing. Google personal injury lawyers and check out their websites and online reviews, paying careful attention to testimonials and examples of past results.

Do your homework

There are a couple of common-sense questions to ask potential personal injury attorneys as you begin your search. Have they had experience handling a situation like yours? Not all personal injury attorneys handle every type of injury—some specialize, and have specific areas of expertise. Make sure your needs and their skill set are a good fit. Are they licensed and in good standing to practice law in your state, or in the state where the injury occurred? Depending on who you’ve selected, they may or may not be local. How long have they been practicing personal injury law? Depending on the complexity of your case, that may be an important consideration. Finally, when you begin to meet with lawyers, listen to your gut. You need to be comfortable with the attorney you choose, as you’ll be working closely together.

Ask about the cost to you up front

Don’t be afraid to ask about costs in your initial conversations. Nearly all personal injury attorneys earn their money based on a contingency fee structure. In other words, if they win your case, they take a percentage of your compensation as payment. If they lose your case, they don’t collect any fees. This model is extremely beneficial to the client. Regardless, it’s best to understand all fees that you could be responsible for before you engage with a lawyer.

Some other questions to consider throughout your search:

  • Are you able to speak to the attorney who will actually be handling your case?
  • Does the attorney have the necessary resources to properly handle your case?
  • Has the attorney ever been disciplined by the Bar Association or any other group?
  • How long will your case take to be resolved? Are any statute of limitations involved?
  • Should your case go to trial rather than being settled? Does the attorney have trial experience? What is their win/loss record?

If you have a personal injury claim, contact the attorneys at LaSalvia Law. We will fight to win you the compensation you deserve.

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Pay nothing up front. No fee until your case is settled or tried to a jury.