Successful Cases

Broken Step at Rental Property

The client slipped and fell on a broken step at her rental property and sustained injury to her Achille tendon. The case was settled without a lawsuit. Case settled for full compensation for injuries and medical bills.

Restaurant Decor Fell on Guests

Two clients were dining at a chain restaurant when a large picture fell from the wall and struck them on the head and shoulders. The case was settled without a lawsuit. Case settled in favor of the client.

Toddler Boy Bit by Dog

A minor was visiting a friend’s house. A small, family dog bit him on the nose, causing bite wounds to his face. After the wounds healed, he was left with a small scar on his forehead. Case settled for $95,000.

Dog Attack

A client was attacked by a friend’s dog. He sustained bite wounds to his ears. Case settled for $70,000.

Improperly Maintained Roller Skate Rink

The client was an avid roller skater at a local rink. She slipped and fell on sticky gum which was not cleaned up from the skating rink floor. As a result of the fall, she fractured both elbows. The skating rink initially denied responsibility and blamed the client however, a lawsuit was filed and it was determined that they were careless in cleaning and maintaining the rink. Case settled for $99,000.

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I was very pleased with my attorney Christine Lasalvia. She always kept me informed of what I needed to do to help her with my case. I was pleased with the outcome of her hard work because it was a difficult situation and she was very successful in getting me a nice settlement. Quotation Mark

- Deborah

Dog Bite at a Hotel

A client was staying at a hotel and was attacked by a dog owned by another tenant. He sustained bite wounds to the face and hand. Case settled for $75,000.

Pedestrian Struck in Parking Lot

The client was standing in a dark parking lot speaking with a friend when she was struck by a vehicle backing out of a parking spot. The pedestrian sustained wounds to her legs. Case settled for $75,000.

Store Owner Ran Over Delivery Driver’s Foot

The client was employed as a delivery driver. He was delivering an order to a store and was assisting the store employee with unloading his truck. During the unloading process, the store employee negligently ran over the client’s foot with a pallet jack, causing him to sustain crush injuries. The case settled after litigation. Case settled for $325,000.

Dog Caused Woman to Fall

A client was visiting the home of a friend when the friend’s dog ran in without warning, causing her to become startled and fall to the ground. The client sustained a fracture to her wrist. The claim was denied and a lawsuit was filed. Case settled in favor of the client.

Exterminator Caused Slippery Bathtub

The client was an older woman who lived in a senior-friendly apartment building. She received notice that her apartment was to be treated by an exterminator and so she left for several hours. When she came back, she decided to take a bath however, as she entered the tub, she fell and sustained serious injuries. The claim was initially denied. A lawsuit was filed on the basis that the exterminating company had carelessly sprayed inside her tub and gave no warning, causing the surface to be slippery. Case settled for $100,000.

Uneven Concrete in Parking Garage

The client was walking through a parking garage. She tripped and fell on an uneven piece of concrete and fractured her finger. The case was settled without a lawsuit. Case settled for compensation for injuries and pain and suffering.

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