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"I fell and broke a bone three years ago at a restaurant I frequented for many years. Because I did not allow immediate recording of my statement, the property insurance company ultimately declined to cover anything, even medical bills my own insurance would not cover since it happened on another's property. I spoke to several lawyer friends and other PI firms who all said my case would go nowhere; and with them, it may have. Without much hope, I was referred to Ms. Lasalvia who at least listened to the entire story. While I knew I may get nowhere, she gradually went through every step from requesting an initial settlement, then filing suit, gathering documents, eliciting details, coordinating depositions and even had the case scheduled for a hearing and trial. A very fair settlement was reached, I won't retire on it, but bills were covered and the outcome was more than anything I expected. She was persistent, professional, kept me informed (which is not always a strength in the legal community) and provided great advice on how I should approach my case and what reasonable expectations should be. I am grateful to have been a client and will refer others often."


"I was very pleased with my attorney Christine Lasalvia. She always kept me informed of what I needed to do to help her with my case. I was pleased with the outcome of her hard work because it was a difficult situation and she was very successful in getting me a nice settlement. "


"I just recently had a case finalized by Christine. It was a highway speed, serious collision (life flight) with the other party being at fault. Once it became Christine's case, I was very happy with the speed at which things started happening. This lady is very knowledgeable, aggressive, and thorough in every aspect of the suit from beginning to end. She was very pleasant in all of our dealings, and has great connections for any kind of expert medical opinions someone may need. We talked about expectations early on in the proceedings and I was happy with where the case would likely be resolved. Ultimately, she ended up beating my initial expectations which was the best possible outcome. If I were ever in need of a personal injury lawyer again, I wouldn't hesitate to contact Christine."


"I wanted to write you a letter to tell you how much I appreciated all of your hard work with my case. You were always there for me whether I needed a question answered or if I didn't know what next step to take. You guided me through and always did so with patience and kindness. You don't find many attorneys today who try to be on a personal level with their clients. Most make you feel like "cattle" and can't wait to get you in and out of their office just so they can move on to the next one in line. I truly mean it when I say your experience and your work ethic to keep on going for me was exceptional!! You are a great attorney. If ever anyone needs an attorney in the future, I will absolutely be sending them your way! Thank you again for everything. Take care and God Bless you. "


"Christine is the best at what she does. She will go that extra mile to make sure that you are satisfied as a client. She is very fair and fights for her clients. I wouldn’t trust anyone else other then Christine with any type of personal injury case. She also has an excellent as well as caring staff; Always keeps you informed as well as updated on your case at all times. They’re the greatest!"

-Brigid H.

"Christine Lasalvia WAYYYY exceeded my expectations. I will never forget the call I received from her regarding my settlement. Christine gave me a number that blew me away, she went on to say if we stick to our guns (in so many words) we could settle for even more. It couldn't have been more than a couple days later she informed me of an offer we BOTH should consider. Personal injury like all lawsuits take time, they require patience and fortitude. Christine doesn't know this but I was practically in tears when she quoted me my final settlement. I thanked her wholeheartedly. holding back emotion, trying to stay cool because I NEVER expected anything close to the amount. She is an approachable, easy to follow, seasoned counselor who gets it done. With experience and a conquering drive, there is no one better. I enthusiastically recommend Christine Lasalvia to represent anyone going through a time as sensitive as a personal injury."


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