How Long Does It Take to Settle a Personal Injury Claim?

If you’ve been involved in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you probably have a million questions running through your head, one of the most important being “how long will it take to receive compensation?”

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a straight forward answer to that question. If your injuries are minor and your case is straightforward, it may take a couple of months. If your injuries are severe and your case is more complex, it may take a couple of years.

Factors that may affect the timeline of your case

Most lawyers won’t settle your case until you’ve finished all of your medical treatments so that they know how much your case is actually worth. This is called maximum medical improvement, or MMI. While it can take months or years, it’s often worth it to wait it out so you are compensated as thoroughly as possible.

The first thing your lawyer will do is learn everything they can about your accident, your injuries, and other damages you may have sustained. They will collect medical records and bills, witness testimonials, and other evidence. The amount of time this takes will vary based on the severity of your injuries, what medical treatments you needed, and more.

Many personal injury claims are settled before a lawsuit is filed. In this instance, your case will be finished much faster than if you were to go to court.

If your case goes to trial, it will begin with a discovery phase where each party investigates the situation. Then, the lawyers will start discussing the settlement and may even be able to settle the case themselves at this point. If not, the case may move into mediation where both sides meet with a mediator to try and settle. If no settlement can be reached through mediation, the case will go to trial, which can last a day, a week, or much longer.

A crucial factor in getting the maximum recovery in the quickest amount of time is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney. Contact LaSalvia Law today.

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