How Much is Customary to Pay a Personal Injury Lawyer to Start a Case In Ohio?

The first thing you should know is that, if you or a family member are seeking a lawyer to represent you in a potential personal injury lawsuit, there should be no fee for the initial consultation to discuss your case. Never be afraid to find out if you have a viable lawsuit.

Now, here’s the daunting news—the average lawyer in Ohio charges between $81 and $453 per hour, depending on the type of lawyer, which admittedly sounds like an insurmountable amount of money. The good news is that, when it comes to personal injury lawsuits, the vast majority of reputable personal injury lawyers charge absolutely no fees up front. Instead, they take your case on what is called a contingency fee basis.

How does a contingency fee work?

Simply put, with a contingency fee, your lawyer receives no compensation unless they win your case. If they do, they are then entitled to a percentage of your winnings, usually one third of the total judgment or settlement. Navigating your way through a personal injury lawsuit can be an overwhelming experience, from the injury itself to all the other associated stressors, like medical appointments and loss of work hours. Not having to worry about the cost of the lawsuit can be a huge relief.

Working under a contingency fee is especially important, as there are additional costs involved in litigating a personal injury suit besides attorney feels, which can include:

  • Court costs, deposition and filing fees
  • Private investigator fees
  • Expert witness fees
  • Professional accident reconstruction costs
  • Lost wages

These various costs could quickly add up if you were paying out of pocket.

Why should you hire a lawyer experienced with personal injury law?

  • “Experienced” is the operative word in the above sentence. Personal injury attorneys know the law, they understand all the factors involved, and will give you the best representation.
  • No fees unless they win your case. See above.
  • Expert negotiation skills. Most personal injury lawsuits do not go to trial. You want someone on your side negotiating the best possible settlement.
  • They have the resources and team members, including investigators if necessary, to fully litigate your case.
  • They understand the way insurance companies work. Insurance companies are mercenary in the way they operate, and will do everything possible to limit what their clients must pay out. An experienced personal injury lawyer will mitigate that.
  • Higher settlements. The fact is, settlements are statistically higher for those who hire lawyers in personal injury cases. Don’t try to do it alone.

Find the personal injury lawyer that will best represent you…

…and be sure you understand the contingency contract as presented, including how the percentage of your settlement will be calculated, and when the final payout will be expected. An experienced, reputable attorney will make sure you understand and are satisfied with all the details.

If you or a family member has been involved in a personal injury incident, contact the attorneys at LaSalvia Law. We will fight to win you the compensation you deserve.

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Pay nothing up front. No fee until your case is settled or tried to a jury.