A Dog Bit My Child—Do I Have a Case?

Thanks to the pandemic and various stay-at-home orders, millions of children have been home and in close proximity to millions of dogs, and dog bites have skyrocketed over the past year (see this infographic for some staggering numbers). Dog bites can be traumatic, even life threatening. If your child is the victim of a dog […]

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Understanding the Statute of Limitations in Your Personal Injury Case

When considering all the ramifications of your personal injury case, one important aspect to keep in mind is that every state has a statute of limitations that may impact your claim. First, a definition A statute of limitations is, quite simply, a law that imposes a strict time limit on a civil lawsuit, whether libel, […]

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Injured In a Bicycle Accident? Take These 10 Steps Immediately

Bicycle accidents can be devastating, particularly when they involve bike versus car situations. Here are ten steps you should take immediately after the accident. Before you ride Step one actually takes place before you get on your bike, and that’s to ride prepared. Never leave home without a cell phone and personal identification. A small […]

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You Were Involved in a Slip and Fall Accident: What Should You Do Next?

You’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, and you believe someone else is at fault. Now what? Seek medical attention immediately Your health must be your number one priority, before any other considerations. If you, or anyone else involved, were injured in the accident, you should seek treatment for your injury. This is […]

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